BR25 Bank Rakyat Blueprint




Bank Rakyat BR25 Blueprint Design
Master Concept
Design & Layout Adaptation
Total of 8 master blueprint


Year 2020 – 2025

Bank Rakyat is embarking into a 5-year strategic plan, Bank Rakyat 2025, commonly known as BR 25. The main goal is to re-align and strengthen the bank in its role as Development Financial Institution, DFIs. This means it will embark on a journey where the bank will play roles in Malaysia’s economic development and the UN SDGs goals throughout its core business. 

Bâton Global was our direct superior throughout this project, they lead with the experience wisdom of a shepherd; the integrity of a saint; the curiosity of a pilgrim; the speed of a sprinter; and the passion of a great musical conductor. They definitely serving your world with inspiring their clients and communities by providing strategy, innovation leadership and research services that transform the whole organisations worldwide.

Given the fluid situation on the blueprint development, the biggest challenge is to work around the clock with international timezone and with a month timeline given to complete the entire 700 pages of layout. Certainly, we do review the documents in advance to understand the project and cracking the design and inspiration for all 8 blueprints in a short period.

We definitely enjoy working with them! 

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